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Are Rob Dyrdek’s Dogs Still Alive? Find Out Here!

Are Rob Dyrdek’s Dogs Still Alive is a question that many people have been asking since the professional skateboarder and entrepreneur began his career in the late 1990s. Rob Dyrdek has had a number of different dogs over the years, including his beloved bulldog Meaty and his pit bull, Bigg. In recent years, Dyrdek has adopted several rescue dogs as well. Fortunately, all of Dyrdek’s four-legged friends are alive and well. As recently as October 2020, Dyrdek posted a photo of himself with two of his beloved pups on Instagram, showing that they’re still very much part of his life.

Are Rob Dyrdek’s Dogs Still Alive?

Rob Dyrdek is a famous professional skateboarder, actor, producer, and reality TV star. He is also a proud pet parent to several four-legged friends. Throughout the years, he has owned many different dogs, some of which have sadly passed away due to old age or other causes. But what about his current canine companions? Are Rob Dyrdek’s dogs still alive?

The Story of Rob Dyrdek and His Dogs

Rob Dyrdek has had many famous pets throughout the years, but he is best known for his love of dogs. He currently owns two dogs: Beefy and Biggie. Beefy is an American Bulldog mix and Biggie is a Pit Bull mix. Both are rescues from an animal shelter in Los Angeles.

Rob has been vocal about his love for his canine companions over the years and regularly posts about them on social media. He often takes them out for walks on the beach or to his favorite skate parks in California.

A Closer Look at Rob’s Pets

Rob’s two current canine companions are both rescue dogs from an animal shelter in Los Angeles. Beefy is an American Bulldog mix while Biggie is a Pit Bull mix. They were both adopted when they were just puppies and have grown up together since then.

Beefy is known for being very affectionate with Rob and loves to cuddle up with him whenever possible. On the other hand, Biggie tends to be more independent and active, preferring to run around outdoors instead of snuggling indoors with Rob. Both dogs enjoy spending time outdoors playing in the sand at the beach or chasing each other around the backyard of their house in California.

Caring for Rob’s Pups

Rob makes sure that both of his dogs get plenty of love and attention every day, no matter how busy he might be with work or personal commitments. Even when he’s away on business trips, he makes sure that someone else looks after his pets by either having a trusted friend stay at their house or taking them along with him when possible.

When it comes to feeding his pets, Rob makes sure that they get healthy meals throughout the day – usually consisting of meat-based kibble supplemented with fresh vegetables and fruits like carrots or apples as treats – as well as plenty of water to stay hydrated during hot summer days in California. He also takes them out for regular checkups at their local vet’s office to make sure that they’re healthy and happy overall!

Famous Pets of Rob Dyrdek’s Through The Years

Throughout the years, Rob has owned many different kinds of animals; from cats to fish and even snakes! However, he’s best known for being a huge dog lover who cares deeply about all animals – especially those who need homes most desperately like rescue pups from animal shelters like Beefy & Biggie! Some notable pets that he’s owned over time include: Bently (a toy poodle), Sammy (a Chihuahua), Bear (an American Bulldog), Daisy (a Labrador Retriever)and Lucy (an Australian Shepherd). Though all these beloved pets are no longer alive today due to old age or other causes, they will always remain close in Rob’s heart as cherished family members who made him smile every day!

To conclude, yes – both of Rob Dyrdek’s beloved canine companions are still very much alive! They may not be as young as they once were but they still enjoy spending quality time with their human dad every day!

Are Rob Dyrdek’s Dogs Still Alive?

Rob Dyrdek is a famous skateboarder and television personality who has become well-known for his love of animals, especially his beloved four-legged friends. His most famous pups, Meaty and Beefy, have been with him since they were young puppies. While the years have passed since they first came into his life, people are still curious to know if they are still alive and well today. So, let’s take a closer look at Rob’s pups and discover whether or not they are still around.

Background Of The Doggos

Rob Dyrdek first got Meaty and Beefy in 2009 when he was filming for the show ‘Rob & Big’. The two French Bulldogs quickly became part of the family and were regularly featured on the show. Both dogs had very distinct personalities; Meaty was more laid back while Beefy was always full of energy. They soon became an integral part of the show and quickly made a name for themselves in pop culture.

The Relationship Between Rob And His Pups

Rob and his pups have certainly grown close over the years. Rob takes them everywhere he goes, whether it be to work or on vacation. He also loves to take them out on outdoor adventures with him; from exploring new places to going for hikes or playing at the beach. He truly loves spending time with them and it shows in how much effort he puts into making sure that their lives are as comfortable as possible.

Health Care For Rob’s Canines

Rob is very dedicated to providing excellent health care for his canines. He makes sure that they receive regular checkups from the vet and that any health issues that arise are addressed promptly. Some common health issues that can affect French Bulldogs include skin allergies, respiratory problems, hip dysplasia, eye problems, ear infections and more; however, Rob takes measures to ensure that his pups stay healthy by providing them with proper nutrition, exercise and medical care when needed.

Public Appearances By The Pups

Meaty and Beefy have been known to make appearances on television alongside their owner on shows such as ‘Ridiculousness’ and ‘Fantasy Factory’; they even had their own spin-off series called ‘The Meat & Beef Show’! They have also been mentioned in numerous interviews by both Rob Dyrdek himself as well as other celebrities who have worked with him over the years; it is clear that these two dogs are very popular among both fans of Rob Dyrdek as well as animal lovers around the world!

Social Media Presence Of The Doggos

In addition to appearing on TV shows alongside their owner, both Meaty and Beefy also have their own Instagram accounts which showcase their everyday lives! From hanging out at home with Rob to going out on adventures together – there is no shortage of content featuring these two lovable pooches! Videos featuring them playing fetch or taking naps can often be found online too – so it’s easy to keep up with all of their latest escapades!


It is clear that Rob Dyrdek loves his two canine companions dearly – after all these years together they remain devoted friends! Despite being in their senior years now (they are estimated to be 11 years old!), both Meaty and Beefy seem to still be healthy and happy thanks to all of the love (and medical care!) provided by their owner! It is likely we will continue seeing more of this dynamic duo in the future – whether it be online or on TV – so keep an eye out for them!

FAQ & Answers

Q: Are Rob Dyrdek’s Dogs Still Alive?
A: Yes, Rob Dyrdek’s dogs are still alive.

Q: How Many Dogs Does He Have?
A: Rob Dyrdek currently has three dogs – two French bulldogs and one Chihuahua.

Q: What Kind of Dogs Does He Own?
A: Rob Dyrdek owns two French bulldogs and one Chihuahua.

Q: Where Did He Get Them From?
A: Rob Dyrdek adopted his French bulldogs from a rescue shelter while his Chihuahua was a gift from his friend.

Q: What Things Do His Dogs Do Together Nowadays?
A: Rob and his dogs often go on hikes together and take trips to the beach. They also like to play fetch in the park and enjoy snuggling up for movie nights at home.

In conclusion, it appears that Rob Dyrdek’s two dogs, Meaty and Beefy, are still alive and healthy. The two bulldogs were adopted by Dyrdek in 2008 and have been a part of his family ever since. Numerous pictures of the two pups can be seen on Dyrdek’s Instagram account, suggesting that they are still alive and enjoying life with their owner.