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What is a Three Dog Night? Find Out Here!

Three Dog Night is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, best known for their 1969 hit single “Joy to the World”. The band formed in 1968 and was active until 1975. They had 21 Billboard Top 40 hits between 1969 and 1975, including three number one singles: “Mama Told Me (Not to Come)”, “Joy to the World”, and “Black and White”. The band was composed of vocalists Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron, Cory Wells, and Jimmy Greenspoon (keyboards). Other members included Joe Schermie (bass), Floyd Sneed (drums), Michael Allsup (guitar) and Skip Konte (keyboards). Three Dog Night achieved success with their blues-rock sound, which incorporated elements of pop music. The band’s name is a reference to an Australian expression meaning it’s so cold outside that you would need three dogs to keep you warm.

What is a Three Dog Night?

A Three Dog Night is a phenomenon that occurs in areas with cold climates when the temperature drops to such an extreme level that people will sleep with three dogs, or other warm-blooded animals, to help keep warm. The phrase originated in Australia and was used to describe especially cold nights, but has since become a popular phrase in other countries as well.

History of Three Dog Night

The band Three Dog Night was formed in 1968 in Los Angeles by Cory Wells, Chuck Negron, Danny Hutton, and Jimmy Greenspoon. They achieved immediate success with their first album “Suitable for Framing”, which reached No. 7 on the charts. Their second album “Naturally” was even more successful reaching No. 2 on the charts and spawning five hit singles including “Mama Told Me (Not to Come)” and “Joy To The World”. Throughout their career they released twelve albums between 1969 and 1974 and had twenty one top forty hit singles including seven Top 10 songs with “One” being their biggest hit reaching No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. By 1975 they members had begun to leave the group until only Danny Hutton remained, who then put together a new lineup for their final album “Seven Separate Fools”.

Music of Three Dog Night

The music of Three Dog Night was rooted in classic rock ‘n’ roll and folk-rock with some elements of blues-rock and psychedelic rock thrown into the mix. Their albums were filled with covers of songs by other well known artists like Neil Diamond, Van Morrison, Elton John, James Taylor, Harry Nilsson as well as several original compositions written by members of the band. They also wrote several songs together as a group including one of their biggest hits “One”. They received assistance from several notable producers including Richard Podolor who produced most of their first three albums and Bill Szymczyk who produced several later albums including “Seven Separate Fools”.

Popular Songs by Three Dog Night

Three Dog Night is best remembered for their hit singles which included some classic cover versions such as “Mama Told Me (Not to Come)” originally recorded by Randy Newman; “Joy To The World” originally recorded by Hoyt Axton; and “”One” originally recorded by Harry Nilsson. Other popular songs include: “Eli’s Coming”; “Easy To Be Hard”; “Liar”; “Out In The Country”; “An Old Fashioned Love Song”; “Celebrate”; “Shambala”; “Never Been To Spain”; and “Black And White” .

Live Performances by Three Dog Night

During their heyday Three Dog night toured extensively performing at venues all over the US as well as Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. They also performed at many major festivals such as Woodstock in 1969 where they played right before Jimi Hendrix took the stage.

Members of Three Dog Night

The original line up consisted of Cory Wells (vocals), Chuck Negron (vocals), Danny Hutton (vocals), Joe Schermie (bass), Michael Allsup (guitar), Floyd Sneed (drums)and Jimmy Greenspoon (keyboards). Later members included Skip Konte (keyboards)and Ron Stockert(drums).

What is a Three Dog Night?

Three Dog Night was an American rock band from Los Angeles, California that formed in 1968. The band is best known for its Top 10 hits “Joy to the World” and “Mama Told Me (Not to Come).” The band had 21 consecutive Top 40 hits, including three number one singles, and 11 top 10s. Three Dog Night sold more than 50 million albums worldwide and achieved 12 gold albums and 8 platinum albums.

History of Three Dog Night

The original lineup of Three Dog Night consisted of Danny Hutton, Cory Wells, and Chuck Negron as the lead singers; Jimmy Greenspoon on keyboards; Joe Schermie on bass guitar; Michael Allsup on guitar; and Floyd Sneed on drums. They released their first album in 1969 which contained their first hit single “One”. The band went on to have a string of hit singles throughout the 1970s such as “An Old Fashioned Love Song”, “Joy to the World”, “Shambala”, and “Mama Told Me (Not To Come)”.

Founding Members & Later Members

The original lineup of Three Dog Night included Danny Hutton as lead vocals, Cory Wells as lead vocals, Chuck Negron as lead vocals, Jimmy Greenspoon on keyboards, Joe Schermie on bass guitar, Michael Allsup on guitar, and Floyd Sneed on drums. Later members included Skip Konte (keyboards), Mark Klingman (keyboards), Mike Baird (drums), Warren Ham (saxophone/vocals), David Hungate (bass guitar/vocals), Paul Kingery (bass guitar/vocals), Pat Bautz (drums), Doug Ferrara (guitar/vocals) , Larry Hoppen (guitar/vocals), Jimi Jamison (lead vocals).

Awards and Accolades Received by Three Dog Night

Three Dog Night has been recognized for their success with multiple awards throughout their career including Grammy Award nominations for Best New Artist in 1969 and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for their song Joy to the World in 1971. They also earned seven gold records for albums such as Naturally from 1970-71 and Hard Labor from 1974-75. Other notable awards include American Music Awards for Favorite Pop Band in 1974-75 for their album Hard Labor as well being inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2000.

Legacy of Three Dog Night

Three Dog Night has left a lasting legacy in music history through their influence on other musicians over the years. Their songs have been covered by many different artists such as Bruce Springsteen who covered Mama Told Me Not To Come or Peter Frampton who covered Joy To The World. They have also impacted pop culture through films such as Forrest Gump where Joy To The World was featured in a scene or television shows like That 70’s Show who used An Old Fashioned Love Song throughout multiple episodes. In terms of achievements within the music industry they were ranked at number 73 on Billboard Magazine’s list of all time top artists due to their 18 consecutive Top 20 hits from 1969-1975 which made them one of the most successful bands of that decade.

Related Bands to Three Dog Night

Three Dog night has been cited by many other bands over the years either through direct influence or through similar styles exhibited within each band’s music. Some related bands include The Association who was known for writing folk rock songs much like those found in An Old Fashion Love Song or Pacific Gas & Electric which were known for bringing an electric blues sound similar to those found in One Man Band off Three Dog Nights album Suitable For Framing from 1969-70 . Another related act would be The Raspberries who are most notably known for writing power pop songs much like those heard within Mama Told Me Not To Come off Three dog nights third studio album Suitable For Framing from 1971-72 .

How to Celebrate a Three Dog Night

Fans can celebrate three dog night through various events such as organizing themed events honoring all things three dog night related whether that be playing any one of their classic hits or watching one if their concerts via YouTube or DVD’s . Other ways fans can honor them include hosting listening parties where they play all 21 consecutive top 40 hits consecutively or attending music festivals dedicated solely to celebrating three dog night such as Rock Fest 80’s which celebrated them alongside acts like Journey , Foreigner , REO Speedwagon , Blue Oyster Cult , Kansas , etc .

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is a Three Dog Night?
A: A Three Dog Night is an American rock band that was formed in 1967 by Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron, and Cory Wells. The name of the band derives from an Australian Aboriginal expression that referred to a cold night so chilly that one needed three dogs (dingos, actually) to keep warm.

Q: What genre of music does Three Dog Night play?
A: Three Dog Night’s music incorporates elements of pop, rock, soul, and country. They are best known for their hit singles such as “Mama Told Me (Not to Come)”, “Joy to the World”, and “One”.

Q: Who were the founding members of Three Dog Night?
A: The founding members of Three Dog Night were Danny Hutton on lead vocals, Chuck Negron on lead vocals and guitar, Cory Wells on lead vocals and guitar, Joe Schermie on bass guitar and vocals, Michael Allsup on guitar and vocals, Floyd Sneed on drums and percussion.

Q: What awards has Three Dog Night won?
A: Three Dog Night has many awards to their credit including 7 Gold Records and 4 Platinum Records. They have also been nominated for three Grammy Awards. In addition they have received numerous other awards such as the BMI Million-Air Award for over 1 million radio plays of their song “Mama Told Me (Not To Come)” in 2001.

Q: How can I celebrate a Three Dog Night?
A: There are many ways to celebrate a Three Dog Night! You can organize a themed event or have a listening party with friends where you play your favorite songs from the band. You can also attend one of their live shows or look for local music festivals that feature bands influenced by them.

In conclusion, a three dog night is a phrase used to describe an extremely cold night, when it’s so cold that you need three dogs to keep you warm in bed. This phrase originates from Australia, where the indigenous people believed that if it was too cold for one dog to keep them warm in bed, then they needed three dogs. Although the phrase is still used today to describe a particularly cold night, it has also become a popular term used in reference to the band Three Dog Night. This American rock band achieved notable success during the 1970s with their signature blend of rock and pop music.